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    Quality and use
Quality: Close adhesion characteristic rainwater box. It controls the special adhesive in the film where I after inside am prescribed,
The conservative tape where the inside epigenesis and adhesion power are excellent
Use: House conservativeness and agriculture film
Standard specification: Width 70mm, 140mm, 280mm length: 15M There is different type price of land
    Quality and use
Quality: The semipermanent use cohesion is superior in special record use, the invasion and domestic demand characteristic are strong
Use: Piping welding region piping protection and old method keeping warm tak thu, water service gas piping,
In oil pipeline back use
Standard specification: 50mm0M
    Quality and use
Quality: The cohesion is strong initially. The humidity and domestic demand are strong. The inside epigenesis is superior,
Hue variety (black, gray and chestnut color)
Use: Construction - the cement - the lumber - it uses Yoong grade, the automobile vessel back
  Standard specification: 50mm5M
    Quality and use
Quality: Adhesion characteristic it is strong initially. After inside, inside stability it is strong.
Use: Widely with the king soundproof and drainage shock relaxation back use
Standard specification: 3T00M (White and black), 5T00M
    Quality and use
Motion muscular physiology and motion epidemiology with the human body muscle it uses thousand tapes which have a flexibility and the adhesion which have the expansion and contraction ratio which is similar with character and applies with the acutely inland is the rapid water tape which displays an effect in chronic bones and sinews standing total and the injury prevention side in contraction and relaxation of the muscle.
> Attitude it sees
  ※ At using attention point
1. Skin and purity attach.
2. It extends muscle or the joint enough and puts attaches lightly on the skin.
3. Take off and when putting out, the skin with the direction where the hair lies down and press take off slowly and and put out.
4. Takeoff at using it is itchy cung be and take off immediately and put out.
* Attention at keeping: Damage keep the direct light in the cool place.